Carport loan as an alternative to the garage

A carport is considered the cheapest alternative to protect your own vehicle against weather influences and the house to expand further storage options. Carports originated in the United States. While the first carport was designed and built around 1910, it would take about 30 years for this form of the garage to become popular in the United States thanks to architect Frank Wright.

Wright had more than just design-related reasons. Instead, he soberly remarked that a car is not a horse and therefore “does not need a stable”. Of course, this statement still applies today and carports are also very popular in Germany. But is a carport actually a fully-fledged alternative to a garage and what should every homeowner know before starting to build or finance a carport?

Carport loan as an alternative to the garage

Carport loan as an alternative to the garage

The first question that naturally arises here is that of equivalence. Unfortunately, no blanket answer can be found here. Instead, both garages and carports offer their own advantages, which we will briefly outline here.

This makes a carport appear much more open and friendly at first. Instead of a squat garage, it extends the building in an elegant way and aptly complements a modern minimalist style that has clear contours and shapes.

In addition, a carport fulfills its main task of protecting vehicles against weather influences much better than a garage. This advantage may be surprising at first. After all, the vehicle is still half outdoors. However, the design ensures that a wet vehicle dries noticeably faster, which prevents or at least delays the rusting of the car. In addition, not only moisture but also fine dust and exhaust gases can escape faster.

In addition to these advantages, we also do not want to ignore the disadvantages of this construction. So your own vehicle or other stored objects are not secured against theft or vandalism. This also includes martens who continue to have an easy game of getting comfortable in the vehicle.

Do you need a building permit?


German building law is not only known for its complexity, but also for its large number of requirements. Unfortunately, this also applies to carports. While interested homeowners do not need a building permit at all in some states, a building plan in others must first be approved.

A visit to the building office is therefore essential to clarify whether a building permit is required or whether your own carport complies with the regulations for the region. There is an overview of this topic on T-Online. Take a look here and check whether a carport building permit is necessary for your region.

What roofs are conceivable for a carport?

What roofs are conceivable for a carport?

  • A carport offers car protection from all types of precipitation, whereby very different roofs can be installed. These differ in design, construction costs and can also play a role in the building permit. Above all, the roof should also match the design of your own house, as it becomes an essential part of the overall construction. The following roofs are suitable for carport construction.
  • The classic in Germany is the flat roof carport. As the name suggests, the roof here is flat, so that the carport complements almost every house design. In addition, this design only incurs low costs and it is comparatively easy to design and build yourself.
  • The pointed roof carport is reminiscent of the beginnings in the United States and appears much more massive, which is why it is particularly suitable for wide parking spaces for two vehicles.
  • A hipped roof carport is a special form of the pitched roof carport because it has sloping ceilings on all sides. In terms of construction technology, this construction is generally only realized by commercial providers.
  • If there is limited space, the pent roof carport is also an option. This is a direct extension of the house, as it is in contact with it and its simple sloping roof slopes from the wall. This space-saving solution is particularly elegant if the roof of the carport extends the roof of the house directly and is occupied identically.
  • The selection is completed by the arched roof carport, which stands alone in its sweeping design as refreshing as it is timeless.

Saving money with a PV or solar system on the carport

Once built, the carport can save a lot of money in the long run. Most carports can easily accommodate solar systems, which in turn efficiently cover part of their own electricity needs.

Select the material of the carport


In addition to the different roof types, carports also differ in terms of their construction material. Wood and metal structures are common:

  • Wooden structures are considered cheaper and can be installed more easily by yourself. However, wooden structures are susceptible to damage from the weather and generally carry less snow. Appropriate care is therefore essential.
  • Metal structures, on the other hand, are much more durable, but also more expensive. Only rust can be dangerous for them. But cleaning is also easier and carports made of metal have a particularly high-quality and complementary modern design.

Finance carport with a cheap installment loan

Regardless of whether you choose a carport made of wood or metal, lend a hand yourself or prefer a certain roof shape, the question of financing always arises before the planning is carried out unless you want to pay from your savings.

After all, even simple wooden structures often cost low four-figure amounts, which is a significant additional financial burden, especially for housebuilders or new owners. Here, an installment loan can help you to realize your own building project without having to exhaust your own overdraft facility.


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