Process and Necessary Documents to Get Commercial Credit Card

We all know that we have a very high rate of credit card usage. Although the use of a credit card can sometimes be for personal expenses; The use of credit cards has also become widespread in the commercial field day by day. At this point, banks have implemented commercial credit cards and have opted for commercial credit card allocation for people engaged in trade. In this article, what are the necessary documents for you to buy a commercial credit card, how to buy, which banks have a commercial credit card, we will try to briefly talk about you.

Commercial credit cards, which provide various privileges and advantages to the people they belong to, are increasingly used. Although the reason behind its more frequent usage is the fact that it provides higher installments and installments for more products, it is preferred because it has higher limits than standard credit cards.

As it enables us to have serious advantages, it would be useful to mention what are the documents required to purchase a commercial credit card, how to apply and derivative issues, and what should be known about a commercial credit card.

What is a Commercial Credit Card?

What is a Commercial Credit Card?

Credit cards that are created on behalf of a business enterprise, which allow one or more people to spend through this name, are called commercial credit cards.

Commercial credit card application is just like the standard credit card application, the only difference is that the application is made on behalf of the commercial enterprise and the document is submitted.

In this context, the general framework is to prove the income of the commercial enterprise and determine the limit according to this income or to determine whether it will be used for a commercial enterprise.

What are Commercial Credit Card Advantages?

The advantages of commercial credit cards are enormous. Under normal circumstances, a standard consumer does not need to use products such as a rotating loan or a pre-applied loan, but these are among the indispensable banking products for a commercial business. Therefore, the commercial credit cards developed are prepared according to the needs of the company and provide dozens of different advantages to the person they own.

Today, the most important of these advantages can be listed as a high number of installments, a very high limit, installment opportunity for more products, cash advance with a higher limit or accounting facilities.

How to Get a Commercial Credit Card?

How to Get a Commercial Credit Card?

You must meet the necessary conditions to purchase a commercial credit card. These conditions are:

  • The establishment is established,
  • Signature circular, tax plate, balance sheet, etc. presentation of documents to the bank,
  • Not being banned from banking products,
  • It can be listed as having sufficient credit ratings.

If these conditions are met, you can go to the bank branch and get your commercial credit card. Although it is not possible for those who will apply for commercial credit cards to submit applications through the internet or applications such as mobile banking application, it is possible to provide product tracking through these service channels.

Required documents

Required documents are:

  • Copy of identity card of the partners,
  • Signature Circulars,
  • Room registration document,
  • Trade Registry Gazette registration,
  • Tax plate,
  • Balance sheet for the last 2 years and the income statement of the company,
  • Documents proving the assets of the partners.

Commercial Credit Card Limits

There is no upper limit on commercial credit card limits. An entity may apply for as many limited commercial credit cards as it is in direct proportion to its turnover, however, as required by the BASEL 2 and BASEL 3 agreements, the bank must be able to obtain the necessary guarantees to allocate this loan to the business. Therefore, if there are guarantees to be given and if the relevant amount is required for the needs of the business, high limit commercial credit cards can be easily obtained if this can be proved.

In order to form an opinion, a high limit credit card can be 30 thousand USD, 50 thousand USD and even unlimited.

Commercial Credit Card and Normal Credit Card Difference

Commercial Credit Card and Normal Credit Card Difference

The main difference between a commercial credit card and a normal credit card is that one of them is arranged for the business enterprise, namely the name, one for the consumer, ie the individual. Therefore, while the needs of the commercial enterprise and how they are met in the commercial credit card are portrayed as a business for the bank, the needs of the individuals, ie the consumers, are depicted as the business for the bank.

For example, a commercial business may need to apply for products that require more installments or Good Credits due to a very high purchase. However, it is possible for the consumer to buy a product easily with a credit card limit in installments ranging from 6-9, just like other consumers, and does not need to apply for Good Credit or derivative products.

The most exemplary example is that individuals do not have a credit card installment opportunity for their mobile phones, whereas commercial credit cards have installment opportunities for their mobile phone purchases.

Commercial Credit Card Fees

Commercial Credit Card Fees

Banks can request a fee for the commercial credit card products they provide. These dues vary according to the limit and type of credit card. Some banks do not receive dues from a commercial credit card, but non-dues credit cards are generally unfavorable. In this respect, it will be in the advantage of the operator to turn to dues with credit cards in most cases.

Banks, which generally demand dues ranging from 100 USD to 300 USD, can request special commissions from high limit credit cards or unlimited limit credit cards. This is determined after the negotiation between the bank and the commercial enterprise representative. The bank is also a commercial enterprise and it should not be forgotten that there is always a bargain share.


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